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Buy the TAKE2 option with your certification and ensure your succes.

You can take your exam again if you fail it the first time! No worries!

How does the exam work?

The exam session is at your convenience: choose the day and time for your test, within a year from the purchase!

You will need to schedule two exam sessions:

  • Oral test: lasting 10-15 minutes depending on the chosen level, certifies your speaking ability.
  • Written test: lasting 2-3 hours depending on the level, certifies your listening, writing, and reading skills.

The exam is completely online, which means you will need to meet certain technical requirements.


20 lessons aren't enough?

Enjoy more lessons to prepare your certification at your best!

What's the right certification for you?



In a store: Can you understand the salesperson and ask for information about prices and matching items?
In a restaurant: Can you understand the menu and ask the waiter for clarification if something is unclear?
On the tram: Do you know how to interpret the timetable and figure out how to reach your destination?

If you answered yes to these three questions, you are at level A2 or higher!



With a group of tourists you met at the hotel: Can you actively participate in a conversation about vacations?
While watching TV: Can you understand what happened during the last game by listening to the commentator’s remarks?
Planning to go to a concert: Can you provide important information to your English-speaking friend?

If you answered yes to these three questions, you are at level B1 or higher!


Upper Inter

Want to try a new cupcake recipe: Can you understand the steps to follow from the video tutorial you found?
You have a new English friend: Can you easily talk with him about your life, small talk, and current events?
You're going to London for a business meeting: Can you naturally join in conversations and interact with your English colleagues professionally?

If you answered yes to these three questions, your English level is B2 or higher!



You have some free time: can you watch movies and TV shows without much effort?
You want to read the newspaper: Can you do it easily?
A friend is talking to you about the techniques of his latest passion, Base Jumping: can you understand most of what he's saying?

If you answered yes to these three questions, your English level is C1 or higher!


You can have your lessons from Monday to Friday, from  2:00 PM to 10:00 PM (last lesson at 9:30 PM).

You can to book your lessons 24/7 by loggin in in your personal dashboard. Not registered yet? Sign up here.

No worries! You can cancel your lesson up to 3 hours before it starts. Then you can reschedule it for the time that best suits you.

NO! You speak only English for the whole lesson.

NO! The important thing is to be able to interact in English at a basic level.

Lesson Live offers both a free written test and a free live trial lesson.

The maximum score for the written test is 180 points.

During the trial lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to directly ask the teacher for an initial assessment of your language goals.

It depends on your starting level. Check out our courses to find out what suits you best.


Our teachers will share their material according to your level and the package you’ve choosen. Teaching materials cover topics related to the 4 main skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading.


No big deal! Write an e-mail to [email protected] in 24 hours and we’re giving you a new lesson. 

SURE! Our private courses are perfect to have a tailored course that can be arranged with the teacher as you go.

That’s why we highly recommend booking lessons with the same teacher consistently to ensure educational continuity.

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Sign up, complete the English quiz and book your free Trial Lesson. Our teachers will ask you some questions to clearly assess your English level.

Our lessons are on the LessonLive platform, online.

Each lesson lasts 25 minutes. They'r individual lessons and given by certified teachers.

Here is the course structure:

  • 5 lessons focused on Speaking
  • 5 lessons focused on Writing
  • 5 lessons focused on Listening
  • 5 lessons focused on Reading

Our partner for certifications is LanguageCert. LanguageCert is accredited by most edcational bodies.

After buying the exam, you'll receive two codes to redeem your exams on the LanguageCert Platform.

The exam is divided into two sessions:

  • A speaking session (lasting 10/15 minutes) to assess your Speaking skills.
  • A written session (lasting 2/3 hours) to evaluate your Writing, Listening, and Reading skills.

The exam is completely online, and you can book your sessions whenever you want.